Blenhiem, November 2015

After a week in Wellington, where we stayed at an AirBNB owned by a lemon and cat aficionado in Brooklyn (not the one in NYC, of course), we made our way South via the Cook Strait in search of seasonal work. We scoured the internet for the best way to get employed and decided on a working hostel, an arrangement where the hostel will help customers with finding employment. Long story short, we got played. We ended up being hired by a contractor who fired us shortly after and short-changed us.

While I remained unemployed for the 2 weeks I was in Blenhiem, I met great people and made wonderful memories.

Quickly realizing I wanted to travel more instead of work, I accepted a work exchange in Kaikoura. Difficult as it was to part with my travel-mate, it was time for new adventures. I resigned from work a week before coming to NZ, and I was still restless after a month of travelling.


  • Judging from experiences I heard from others, good working hostels include: Arrow Backpackers, Koanui Backpackers, Swampys, and Cooperbeech.

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